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The speed of life

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

You go through life at different speeds. My teens and twenties were fast, almost a blur. After hitting one or two speed traps in my mid to late thirties, I pegged down a gear, sometimes two.

Content cruising along in my forties until one day some f$cker came along with that same mischievous glint in their eye and you look at each other knowingly and start revving…

We broke a few rules and hearts getting to where we are now but when you know, you don’t care. All you want is that person, and you crave them, and they are all you can think about every millisecond of every day. This can happen at any age, ask the old f$cker.

F$cker, aka husband, a cocky Yank, found and stole my heart after a short stint in Ireland during the summer of 2021. Visits back and forth, fast forward a year and we were announcing our upcoming nuptials to a shocked family at the dinner table on New Years Day 2023. Two weddings later, one real one fake, revving…

Bike sold, van for sale, house for sale, moving to America, turtle staying, dog coming, no job, no money, no sense…

Full throttle!

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1 Comment

Hey, you overachiever! Leave it to you to squeeze every drop out of this limited time we have. I'll miss you like crazy, but I'm also stoked to see where your next adventure takes you. Just don’t forget about us. Superstar

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