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Walking in Florida ~

Eyes up. Watch out for giant spider webs. Brown recluse, waiting to give you a face scrub.

Dogs stop. Pee and sniff. Feet burning. Fire ants. Find water. The lake. Cool down feet. Alligator eyes. Back away.

Eyes down. Watch out for snakes. Too late. Dog bitten. Contact snake identification Facebook group. Venomous pigmy rattlesnake. Contact snake support Facebook group. Make way to vet.

Loose Pitbull, identifying as a golden retriever. Cross the road. Always a Pitbull.

Mosquitos. More bites. Nothing works. Nothing. Horse flies. Other flies. No idea.

Geckos, hitching a ride on dogs back.

Red admiral. Wow! Black racer snake. Fuck!

Hot. Sticky. Extreme weather warning message. Tornado.

Thunder bolt and lightning. Very, very frightening me. Mama Mia, let me go...


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