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Is it wheelie Wednesday?

Everyday is the same being a lady of leisure. I'm waiting on my papers to allow me to work here and trying hard to keep busy. My usual routine of morning treadmill running has been kicked to the curb while I rest an injured foot, so to avoid being a total lazy arse I decided to take the mountain bike for a spin to the shops, the long way round.

Where we are here in Jacksonville is actually a great spot as there are loads of nature preserves within walking or cycling distance.

William Sheffield Regional Park is on the way to the local Publix store. There’s a shortcut through a nearby estate over a wooden bridge which then leads on to a beautiful shady trail and loops around one of two lakes there. Lake Dumont is the bigger lake and I’m told, although yet to be convinced, that there are no alligators there. It does look very inviting I have to say. Not chancing it today either so on I cycled over the tree stumps, avoiding some soft sand in places, halting for the deer or wild pig, listening to the birds singing from the tall pines, the rustling in the woods, and watching out for spider webs and snakes. Its an eventful but enjoyable ride.

Sweaty and red faced I stopped off at Publix to do a small shop. I barely recognise myself. I’m shopping for fucking flour and baking powder to make buns… yes, buns!!!

Loading up the backpack with baking supplies I cycled back a different loop to get home. At 8 miles I decided to extend the cycle and went up another road I often walk the dogs in the morning.

All going great until I passed a gateway and heard a dog barking, realising the gate was open I turned around and there he was, a huge black Pitbull closing in on me. GO HOME, GO HOME, GO HOME!!!!

Florida dogs don’t understand an Irish accent I guess because he did not GO HOME. My yells caught the owner’s attention. “He’s just a puppy” he said as he approached with a not so concealed weapon. I don’t know whether I was now more afraid of the “puppy” or the owner but he turned out to be very friendly and we had a great chat while the puppy circled me and my shaking legs. Waving goodbye, he held the dog and I hopped on my bike and went back home to wifey duties.

All women are working women, some get paid, others make buns.

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