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Dear Ginger...

You met Hero with a snap at his nose, and barking. You met me with happiness, and barking. Everyday you greeted us the same. Everyone you greeted the same.

You quickly became my friend and companion during the early days of adjusting to American life. Long days unable to work, missing my home and my family, but you filled the gap with love, laughs, and barking.

You showed Hero you were the boss, taking his ball and laughing at him. Taking treats from his mouth, leaving the last scent, giving him the shoulder, and taking his bed. But you also licked his nose and his ears, you tried playing with him, you shared your water bowl, you left your pills for him.

You walked side by side with Hero. You never showed it, but he knew and he waited for your old tired legs to catch up. You showed him that you could play too, the squeakier and noisier the toy the better. You showed him that when a snake bites, you bite back.

When you heard the doorbell you barked. When someone walked by the house you barked. When you met another dog you barked. When you saw a duck you barked. When you saw a shadow you barked. When you heard a noise you barked. When all was quiet you barked.

Life will never be the same again without your barking. Don't let them rest in peace, keep on barking, wherever you are....

Our dear, sweet, barking mad Ginger.

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