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Three days to pack up a lifetime in a trailer.

Correction. Three days to pack up HIS lifetime in a trailer and 10 mins to pack up my stuff in the same suitcase I brought all my possesions with me from Ireland last June.

There was effing and blinding. A lot of F you and F you too. A lot of "mind my fu$king finger", a lot of "jaysus, my fu$king toe". More of "where's a strong woman when you need one". Much more of "remind me why we married". Hufffing, puffing, groaning, screams, some laughs, but not a lot.

He's a hoarder, and stock piles toilet rolls or other shite, because it's either on special or the apocalyse is coming soon and says I'll thank him one of these days. We did purge a lot however. I made him do it. We brought the now grown kids stuff up to Connecticut with us on the recent Thanksgiving trip so they could hoard it. Some did, others? Well... we won't say where a bowling ball was going to end up! We off loaded at least six boxes of stuff so it was worth the effort (sorry kids!!)

28ft trailer is packed to the roof. We had thunder and lightning, downpours, mid-twenties stifling heat and 100% humidity. Sweat poured off us during the loading of kayaks, canoes, bikes, pots, pans, pictures, wheelbarrows, ladders, Christmas decorations...He has at least 20 boxes of lights and baubles. But it's done.

Goodbye to the Sunshine State, hello to the North Star State. The land of 10,000 lakes. Minnesota. Home.

"Do you want that bucket?"

"Well I have it for over 35 years."

"Right, in it goes with the other buckets".

Because you just never know when one might need 15 effing buckets!!

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